Automotive logistics: spare parts and vehicles to Africa

General freight forwarding to the African continent

Global project logistics and engineering

Brewery & beverages logistics to the African continent

Our fields of expertise

Brewery and beverages division

The brewery and beverages division has the expertise and experience to organize and manage the transport and logistics across the entire product flow, which is required for the production of beer, wine and other beverages for local producers along with retail and wholesale on the African continent.

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Automotive division

Our automotive division specialises in the stock management and organizing export of new-and second-hand vehicles, busses and trucks as well as high and heavy machines.

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Food Logistics

We organise the transport flows of food supplies from all over the world to the African market.

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General freight forwarding division

We organise the transport flows of food supplies, pharmaceutical products, chemicals, aid and relief, FMCG as well as durable goods from all over the world to the African market.

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Projects logistics and engineering division

Remant Project Logistics and Engineering is an expert in the international logistics for special transport or turnkey projects, or transport to inaccessible locations with proven expertise in mining, power and energy, infrastructure and water treatment projects.

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