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    Creating framework for high & heavy transport

    Whether you need to transport high and heavy equipment for the mining, energy, infrastructure or water treatment industry, we are your partner for door-to-door transport of these exceptional loads and turnkey projects. 

    International logistics for special transport, even to difficult and inaccessible locations is our specialization. With our logistics solutions, you can concentrate on your core business.

    Customized logistics for your complex transport or outsize load
    Special transport entails special care. A thorough preliminary feasibility study, proven field knowledge, cooperation only with first-class suppliers and continuous monitoring during transport are essential elements that contribute to a correct assessment and implementation of project logistics.

    We are experienced in risk mapping and our local contacts and partnerships ensure a smooth and secure delivery. We develop a tailor-made logistics plan as well as a risk assessment and mitigation plan in close collaboration with our customers.

    We are skilled in

    • Vessel chartering – full or part charter: out of gauge and heavy equipment sometimes ask for special vessels which do not trade in the regular liner service. Our team has extensive knowledge of vessel chartering, especially fort his purpose.
    • Project management and VLM: site visits, route and road studies, bridge calculations, negotiations with stakeholders and transparent cost analysis with all the transport modes, permits applications, removal and re-installation of street furniture and obstacles, disconnection of power lines and so on.
    • Special transport of out of gauge and/or heavy loads: whether your shipment involved mining equipment, steel, cement or cast iron pipes, heavy power transformers, generators, etc. We assure door-to-door transport, from your site to the end customer.
    • Country-specific administrative and customs obligations.
    • Lifting plans and method statements.
    • Offloading heavy equipment onto the foundation.

    We have our boots on the ground to monitor the progress, every step of the way. We use multimodal transport to ensure the most cost-efficient, fast and secure delivery of your project. Our worldwide network of reliable and professional partners guarantees high-quality transport, offering customers the certainty that their shipments will arrive in pristine condition, on time, within budget and in line with the contractual agreements made.

    Expertise in African corridors
    Our teams can regularly be found onsite, monitoring possible changes on the region’s logistical landscape. Our partnerships with local heroes are founded on proven experience, ensuring a stable and fruitful collaboration.

    Power and Energy

    As the African economy is growing, the migration to cities is in full swing, mining industry and construction works are increasing, the demand for electricity or renewable energy is high. The African continent holds great potential for companies who are active in this sector and for traders or manufacturers of appliances for renewable energy such as solar, wind or hydropower.

    Thanks to our extensive knowledge of logistics on the African continent and our professional network of local partners, you will find access to this booming market.


    The African continent is rich in natural resources and mining is considered one of the most important industries. To keep this industry going, there is a continuous demand for specialized equipment such as enormous excavators and oversized dump trucks.

    This type of equipment entails special treatment and attention, especially due to the enormous investment costs involved. Our project division has the knowledge and proven expertise to organize the transport and logistics from port-to-port or door-to-door.

    We organize the transportation of all sorts of mining equipment all over the world to local mining sites, including exceptionally large or heavy items, often to be delivered in hard-to-reach locations in Africa. Thanks to a solid local network, we keep close tabs and respond appropriately, consistently aligning our timing and the right transportation means for these projects.

    This reviving sector has our full attention. For example, mines in Mali, D.R. Congo and Zambia already form part of our logistic mining activities.


    The continent is also known for its growing demand for construction, road and infrastructure works. Assembled or semi-assembled steel constructions, bridge components (BIRM), concrete piles are usually large and heavy and the delivery schedule tight.

    Our transport architects will move heaven and earth to make sure your equipment is being delivered on-site as per your planning.

    For these works specialized equipment and machines, such as tower cranes and special trucks for the supply of heavy construction and building materials are often required.

    Very often these machines are imported into Africa under a “temporary customs regime
    Our transport architects know how to import such equipment on a temporary basis. They will relocate this equipment after the works have finished to its home base either to another job site or into Africa.

    Water engineering

    Throughout Africa, water engineering projects for potable water, disposal of wastewater and sewage are ongoing and the demand is increasing.

    Whether you want to ship cast iron, cement or steel pipes, water tanks, specialized equipment, or tunnel boring equipment (TBM), our transport architects have the knowledge and proven expertise to organize the transport and logistics flawlessly from port-to-port or door-to-door, even to remote areas in Africa.

    This increasing demand makes the African continent full of potential for companies who are active in this sector or for traders or manufacturers of appliances related to this all-important industry.

    Thanks to our extensive knowledge of logistics on the African continent and our professional network of local partners you will find access to this booming market.

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