Brewery logistics

Decades of knowhow in brewery logistics Africa

One of our main activities is the continuous supply and building of brewery related industries on the African continent.

With years of experience as the main logistic operator of one of Africa’s most important and largest brewery groups we continuously provide the necessary supplies for the local breweries. Furthermore, we provide the replacement of brewery elements such as silos or tanks or the displacement of entire breweries to the continent. To illustrate this, we like to make a reference to our business case where we mention the successful A-Z forwarding of an entire brewery from Poland to Congo.

A – Z forwarding of an entire brewery

Our Transport Architects stand at your side from start to finish

To illustrate our know-how of brewery logistics in Africa, we mention the successful A – Z forwarding of an entire dismantled brewery from Kielce (Poland) to Congo. For the transport of the plant in Kielce to the port of Gdynia, different kinds of transport were called in. Not only exceptional transport by road, but also by barge. This project was carried out flawlessly within the specified time limit of our client.

Our fields of expertise

Food & beverage

We continuously provide food & beverage supplies to local Retail and Wholesale, warehousing and distributing their products from all over the world throughout entire Africa.

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Door-to-Door food logistics Africa

Ro/Ro & automotive

Our separate Ro/Ro division specialises in the stock management and export of new- and second-hand vehicles as well as high & heavy machinery.

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Aid cargo

We are a key operator for Africa in-land transportation of aid cargo for acknowledged aid organisations.

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Africa brings up the best in us

Agro & chemie

Upholding a strong basis of IMDG expertise, we ship chemical products worldwide and on a daily basis to supply the agricultural sector.

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Your logistic expert in IMDG

Mining activities

We organise the transportation of all sorts of mining equipment for the supply of local sites.

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Creating framework for high & heavy transport