General freight forwarding division

    Door-to-Door logistics to Africa

    Do you have to transport food supplies, chemical products and additives, pharmaceutical products or other consumables? Or do you represent an NGO which has to bring relief supplies to the local population?

    Our transport architects have all the knowledge and proven expertise to organize the transport and logistics from port-to-port or door-to-door, even to the most remote areas on the African continent.


    Remant Africa Logistics ships chemical products and additives from all over the world and daily to supply the highly important African agricultural sector.

    With our years of expertise in dangerous goods (IMO class cargos), our transport architects consistently take up the challenges of this fast-growing market. Chemical products such as fertilizers and additives are handled by our team daily with a fully-fledged service on regulations concerning overseas transport of dangerous goods.

    This expertise in dealing and handling such products is required to safeguard nature, but also to comply with the specific port regulations and customs-technical formalities. This requires the necessary expertise to avoid any interruption of local stocks, even in the most remote areas on the African continent.

    Aid and relief

    Remant Africa Logistics is a key operator for Africa in-land transportation of aid cargo for recognized aid organizations.

    For more than 20 years, we have joined forces with several international NGO’s for the supply of Africa aid cargo and support UN-missions on the continent.

    • We organize the supply of the UN-missions in Mali for which we deliver relief goods to more complex landlocked cities such as Timbuktu and Gao.
    • We distribute relief goods with a door-to-door delivery service for the NGO to Kinshasa, Lubumbashi, and other destinations in West Africa.
    • In Virunga National Park, a troubled area in North-East Congo, we deliver parts for the construction of a hydropower station. This station supplies electricity to the villages nearby. Thanks to this project, sponsored by the EU, they can protect the park from wood poachers and violence.


    We offer companies in the healthcare sector customised supply chain solutions to guarantee that their temperature- and time-sensitive products arrive safely at their destination.

    We offer special handling and continuous monitoring to protect these valuable goods.

    Other consumables and durable goods

    Whether you have to transport other FMCG products, such as garments, paper products or products for personal care, or durable goods such as home and office supplies, kitchen appliances and so on our transport architects are specialized in organizing transport from all over the world to the Retail and Wholesale market in Africa from port-to-port or door-to-door, even to the most remote areas.

    Testimonial Manna Foods

    Manna, a specialist in hot and cold sauces, has made the informed decision to work with Remant Africa Logistics in realising their ambition to grow their export exponentially.

    Remant Africa Logistics has also found a strong partner in Manna – the two companies have similar values and are a good match in terms of company DNA. As partners, both of these family businesses work hard to honour their agreements with clients and to safeguard rapid service.

    Our fields of expertise

    Brewery and beverages division

    The brewery and beverages division has the expertise and experience to organize and manage the transport and logistics across the entire product flow, which is required for the production of beer, wine and other beverages for local producers along with retail and wholesale on the African continent.

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    Decades of expertise in brewery logistics to Africa

    General freight forwarding division

    We organise the transport flows of food supplies, pharmaceutical products, chemicals, aid and relief, FMCG as well as durable goods from all over the world to the African market.

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    Door-to-Door logistics to Africa

    Automotive division

    Our automotive division specialises in the stock management and organizing export of new-and second-hand vehicles, busses and trucks as well as high and heavy machines.

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    Making sure your components and vehicles reach their destination on time

    Projects logistics and engineering division

    Remant Project Logistics and Engineering is an expert in the international logistics for special transport or turnkey projects, or transport to inaccessible locations with proven expertise in mining, power and energy, infrastructure and water treatment projects.

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    Creating framework for high & heavy transport

    Food Logistics

    We organise the transport flows of food supplies from all over the world to the African market.

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    Door-to-Door logistics to Africa